Can Digital Marketing Really Help My Business?

Every company sells a customized product, offers a unique service and strives to be the best. To be effective in drawing more customers to you, you must first know what they expect from you.

Nirvik Chakraborty

The emergence of digital marketing over the last couple of decades has been nothing short of brilliant. The real driving force behind that statement are the multiple benefits received by businesses all over the world. These range from established multinational corporations to small enterprises to brand new start-ups. 

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to get to the root of the matter. It is more personal, more effective and much more results oriented. To introduce the numerous advantages that you, as a business owner, can get out of it, let us take a look at the following: 

  • When you have a website, you get to reach far more potential customers than you would by putting up a billboard or via a TV ad. More people today use the internet for work or entertainment and so the majority of your audience are online.
  • Cost effectiveness is a big factor, especially for new or upcoming businesses. From overheads to cost of establishment, there is a lot that entrepreneurs have to plan for. With digital marketing, they can advertise themselves at a far less cost than ever before, with more accurate results.
  • Social media, a part of your digital marketing efforts, can allow you to create a positive online reputation quickly. All you need to do is manage your profile carefully and respond to comments or queries.
  • With a website, it becomes very easy for your customers to interact with your product, be it for making a purchase or leaving a review. It is so much better than taking the time to go to a shop and buying stuff. This means more exposure and ultimately better business.

What if you have a company that has never been into digital marketing?

First and foremost, start now! It is the best thing for your enterprise and you can’t afford to miss out. You can begin asap with a digital marketing plan and highlight the important reasons it is important to have a strategy on this end.
Build a solid case for its relevance and present it for approval to your partners. Once it is approved, get some specialists together and formulate a plan that perfectly integrates with your company’s marketing plan.

What makes digital marketing stand out?

Measurable results is a natural gift that digital marketing offers. Traditional marketing doesn’t really allow you to understand or draw up statistics as to how your efforts are being received. It is impossible for you to know how many people looked at your billboard. With Digital marketing, you have a very effective way of tracking traffic to your website or the number of clicks made on your ad.
With such tactics, you will be better equipped to handle shortcomings and focus on areas which really need attention. As mentioned, the ability to interact with audiences, sometimes in real-time, allows for numerous possibilities. When your customers see that their feedback or complaints are being handled within a short amount of time, you gain reliability. When you reply to their queries, even on social media, you create a loyal brand following. Everyone prefers and loves attention, and your customers deserve so!

A game changer in digital marketing

Paid advertisement is an integral part of the whole process where advertisers pay for every click on their ad. These usually appear as products the user may have looked for during their searches. They can appear as images, videos or plain text and are even found in smartphone applications today!
Social media platforms have their own PPC campaigns as the user engagement there is unbelievably high! From Twitter and Instagram to Facebook and LinkedIn, each of these platforms have a robust system in place for businesses that want a share of their users!


To be genuinely aware of digital marketing, its benefits and the right things to do, the detailed list below should help:

  1. A calendar with a disciplined routine to follow is important for work involving content creation and SEO. It is a step-by-step process and a proper structure is mandatory for success.
  2. The thing to remember is that content is indeed king. For any SEO campaign to work, the content involved is a big part of the plan. You must go for the highest quality and be prolific in publishing content.
  3. Our world and its rules are ever-changing. This is very true for digital marketing, advertising or SEO efforts. Staying relevant is not easy but with adequate effort, it can be done. Pull up your posts from a while ago and update them with the latest stats and data. The frequency of this should be every 6 months at least.
  4. The next big thing to keep in mind is keyword research. These are the building blocks of any digital marketing effort. It is not simply enough to find relevant keywords and implement them. You must be alert to online trends and patterns, and you must change your keywords as necessary to keep up.
  5. On-page SEO is something that defines how useful your website is to the user. The following are some factors that need to be closely monitored to stay on top:
    • Images that have relevant alt-texts
    • Broken links must be corrected
    • Presence of internal linking
    • Every page must be optimized with meta-descriptions.
  6. Google’s SERP pays great importance to snippets for page CTR. These involve an URL, a title tag and a meta-description. These elements must be in sync with what the user expects and is looking for.
  7. When you reply to the comments of your users, it shows that you are both active and want to improve. Negative or positive, comments are an excellent channel to interact directly with your customers. This fosters relationships that last long and bring users back to your products again and again.
  8. Backlinks have always been known to bring more traffic to a website. But it is not enough to simply go for backlinks unless they are of good quality. If you are linked to a website that is shady or simply untrustworthy, Google identifies your website as the same. Always keep an eye out for credible websites that truly add something to your page.
  9. What you are selling in terms of service or products is what your website should say about you! The user experience definitely depends a lot on keywords and content but also on the aesthetic appeal that website design brings.
  10. Respect your business rivals, your competitors – there is a lot that you can learn from them and their actions. If you see something ingenious attempted by your competitors, you should try and see if that works for you. This means SEO strategies, social media campaigns and other digital marketing efforts.
  11. Metrics are a sure-fire way to see how effective your tactics are in marketing and what works and what doesn’t for your website or blog.
  12. Emails have been around for a while but today, they are also extremely helpful in digital marketing. Almost everyone goes through their inbox frequently and it is a great way to send newsletters or marketing content to grab some attention.
Every company sells a customized product, offers a unique service and strives to be the best. To be effective in drawing more customers to you, you must first know what they expect from you. You would have to determine which tactic or channel is the most suited to your purpose. For example, once you detect the kind of social media platform your target audience frequents, you can focus your efforts there. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will all have different approaches to attract consumers with. It is critical that you have a clear goal in mind, as you will be able to use the right tools to get ahead of the competition.
Here are some great tips for initial success 😉